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solo and ensemble music
for the discerning musician


Great care has been taken in the selection of the music for the PEL catalog. We can assure you that all the entries are delightful music for festival, concert and all occasions. We hope that you enjoy the preparation and performance of this quality literature. Our composers come from across the United States and the countries of England, France, Ireland, and Scotland.

Our interactive web catalog enables you to see and hear sample scores with midi performance. Simply choose a download of files containing music of your choosing and with the free download of Finale Reader you will have that music at your fingertips. http//

You may be searching (sometimes fruitlessly) for an instrumentation unavailable in existing literature. Now, simply contact PEL Music Publications at the address, phone, fax, or email listed and we will make every effort to tailor compositions to your instrumentation. We're small enough to offer this service unavailable from larger publishers.

This service of arrangements for hard-to-find instrumentations really works!

For a dozen years, many fine educators have had special arrangements made for their students. This has been an enjoyable experience for them and PEL MP as well. It truly is a unique musical journey. Try it, bet you like it!


A number of our solos and ensembles are on the New York and Wisconsin state music lists. You will find those compositions in our catalog in bold face.

PEL MP has over 80 small ensemble titles and 45 solo titles in all classes of musical difficulties on the Wisconsin School Music Association festival list.


Paul Luhring

Paul Luhring
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