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2014 Publications:



sheet music


"Creole Belles" -by J. Bodewalt Lampe, arr. by Jeremiah Eis - $12.50, (class A) for brass quintet or brass choir (quintet parts doubled).;also for Sax 5 or Sax Choir.

One of the most popular of Ragtime Marches written near the turn of the 19th - 20th century

Lots of information here about J. Bodewalt Lamp via

Sax Quintet /Choir PEL 745-36


Download mp3 and pdfCreole Belles Sax


Brass Quintet/Brass Choir PEL 650-62

Download mp3 and pdfCreole Belles in Brass


sheet music


"Mozart - Andante & Allegretto" -  from Mozart's "String Quartet #2" arr. by Byron DeFries,  $10.95, ( (classA )

Voiced for Clarinet 5/6 -tet    PEL-761-24

Voiced for 5 Horns PEL - 671-11


Voiced for Saxophone Quintet (sop., alto, tenor tenor, bari) PEL-745-35

&  also for  WW 6tet (flute, 3 clarinets, & bass clar. / bassoon)  PEL- 774-5

All four variations are in a different key for ease in ranges. Sorry; no mix and match here but all of these variations in instrumentation are really, really nice.

 All four Schubert arrangements share the similar download.

Download mp3 and pdf  Mozart A & A


sheet music


"Schubert for Five Clarinets" - Franz Schubert, arr. by Byron DeFries, $17.50,                                     Dedicated to Cal and June Brockman, Shawano, WI, (class A) PEL-761-24

 All three Schubert arrangements share the similar download.

"Schubert for Five Woodwinds" - Franz Schubert, arr. by Byron DeFries, $17.50, (for , (class A)

PEL-761-24  Clarinet Choir

  PEL- 750-22 WW Quintet

These two voicings may be played together for a larger woodwind ensemble

Download mp3 and pdfSchubert Clar & WW


sheet music


"Hometown Parade" - John Jay Hilfiger,  $12.95, (for Trumpet, Horn & Trombone (class B+)


Everyone loves a parade! National holidays and other special events are great excuses for having a parade including local bands of every type and description. Amateur groups sometimes delight (or disappoint) their listeners with surprises. Hometown Parade does exactly that with a few unexpected chords, and changes in tempo or dynamics.

Have fun with it.


Download mp3 and pdfHometown Br 3


sheet music

"American Sketches" by Byron DeFries, i$15.95 - (class A)

PEL-745-21 - Saxophone Quintet (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)

PEL-771-11 - Woodwind Quintet/Choir  (2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bassoon/bass clar)

PEL-750 25- another Woodwind Quintet  (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)

a new release in early summer of 2016 - challenging yet worthy

of your attention.

Mississippi Rambler !!

Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair

When Johnny Comes Marching Home


Download mp3 and pdf  American Sketches WW 5 sample


sheet music

"Corelli" by Arcangelo Corell, arranged by Byron DeFries, i$12.95 - (class A) PEL-643-22    This is a wonderful new ensemble for horns  &/or, trombones   &/or euphonium, &/or tuba

You mix 'em up :

horn, horn, euph & tuba

horn, trom., trom., & tuba

trom., trom., tuba, tuba

or ????


   A work in progress





2012 Publications:


sheet music

"A Mother's Love" by Justin Crenshaw $16.95 - (class B) PEL-641-5

This is a wonderful new ensemble for trombones. 8, count 'em, EIGHT voices for your 'bone section. Not technically difficult ('cept for the top two voices).


Now, if you want to feature your low brass, "A Mother's Love" is voiced for

for3 Hns, 3Trbs, & 2 Tubas

and part 3 for trombone/back to back with the 3rd horn

and part 7 for trombone/back to back with tuba PEL-660-6

sheet music


"Trio Sonata #10-Op.5 in F Major" by Arcangelo Corelli, arranged by Xavier Eeckeloot - (class A- B+) $16.95, Four part arrangement that you can mix / match for all your woodwinds or ! just as a traditional WW 4, or clarinet 4 or sax 4. Five short movements. PEL-744-23 Add to your shopping cart right here, or from the PEL Catalog under WW Quartets or Woodwind Choirs.




2011 Publications:

sheet music

"Spring Fever" by Donald Braatz - (class B )  $8.95 - A delightful solo with piano - a great middle level composition by a State of Wisconsin master arranger.

"Spring Fever" for Flute and Piano - PEL-201-24


"Spring Fever" for Bb Clarinet and Piano - PEL-203-24


"Spring Fever" for Tenor Sax and Piano - PEL-212-22


"Spring Fever" for Trumpet and Piano - PEL-101-18


"Spring Fever" for Euphonium and Piano - PEL-107-14



sheet music

"Air" by Moritz Moszkowski, arranged by John Jay Hilfiger -

(class C )  $8.50 - A delightful solo with piano - a great level 2

composition by a master arranger.

"Air" for Bassoon and Piano - PEL-209-12


"Air" for Trumpet and Piano - PEL-101-15


"Air" for Horn in F and Piano - PEL-104-15


"Air" for Euphonium BC or TC and Piano - PEL-107-11


sheet music


"Amazing Grace, Meditations from" - Jon Meyer (unaccompanied soloist) $8.95, (class B) Delightful ! - so meditative for the soloist and listener as well.

"Amazing" - for Clarinet - PEL-203-22


"Amazing" - for Oboe - PEL-207-15


"Amazing" - for Saxophone ( alto or tenor) - PEL-210-24( alto) or PEL-212-24 (tenor)

sheet music

"Chopin Etude Op. 10 #3 by Frederic Chopin, arranged by Emery Warnock -

(class B)  $10.50 - Brass quintet PEL-650-60

sheet music

"Can-Can" byJacques Offenbach, arranged by Emery Warnock -

(class B+)  $9.95 - Brass quintet PEL-650-61

sheet music


"Down 'n Dirty" by Justin Crenshaw, (class B) $8.95 - for two trombones (w/ f-attachment (It Rocks)


also for Alto/BariSax duet(yes, alto/bari - as it needs the bottom on bari!


sheet music


"Escapade", by Terence O'Grady, (class B) $8.50 _this is fun and, really fun!! PEL-501-11


sheet music


"Drive on Sunnybrook, A", by Justin Crenshaw -

(class B)  $9.95 - Vibraphone solo (with optional bass & drumset


sheet music


"Farandole from the Ballet Suite L'Arlesienne -Georges Bizet -

,arranged by Emery Warnock - (class B) - $10.50

-Brass quintet PEL-650-51

sheet music

"Invitation to Polka" - by Xavier Eeckeloot - $8.50 (class B/A) PEL-203-23



sheet music

"Overture to "The Impresario" - by Domenico Cimarosa, arranged

by Emory Warnock (class B+ - A)  $10.95 - Brass quintet PEL-650-62


sheet music


"Prelude No.1" - by Justin Crenshaw

(class B)  $15.95 - Instrumental Trio and Piano


"Prelude No. 1"

for 2 tpts, trb, and piano PEL-632-22-


"Prelude No. 1"

for 2 oboes,bassoon and piano PEL-770-9

"Prelude No. 1"

for 2 alto sax, tenor sax, and piano PEL-733-21




sheet music

"Serenade" - by Gabriel Pierne, arranged by Jon Meyer

(class B)  $8.95 - Saxophones, bass clarinet, & flute. Lyric and melodic with

an easy latin beat. for Alto, Tenor, and Bari with piano accom.

Flute PEL-201-23

Alto Sax PEL-210-23


Tenor Sax PEL-212-23


Bari Sax PEL-211-23


Bass Clarinet PEL-205-11


also for trumpet, euphonium, and tuba

Trumpet PEL-101-16


Euphonium PEL-107-13


Tuba PEL-105-10


sheet music


"The Monsoon Has Come" - by Justin Crenshaw

(class A)  $8.95 - Xylophone solo (unacc) PEL501-10

sheet music

"Tuba Island" - by Justin Crenshaw

(class A)  $18.95 - Tuba Quartet with piano and percussion PEL-644-19

Great Samba for 2 euphs, 2 tubas, piano, drum set, agogo bells/whistle, claves & cowbell




sheet music

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